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Ebepex Multiservicios fondo blanco

Copy shop, photocopies, sending money and printing in Castellón de la Plana

Print, do. Photocopies, scan your documents and send money to your loved ones anywhere in the world at the EBEPEX MULTISERVICIOS center. Yes. You are from Castellon de la Plana / Castellon and you are looking for photocopies near you, cheap prints, this is the ideal place.

Prints & Photocopies

Scan documents

International money transfer

Parcel delivery and other services

Ebepex Multiservicios, copisteria e impresiones baratas en Castellon
Servicios de copisteria e impresiones

What we offer

EBEPEX Multiservicios is your digital printing and copying center in Castellón de la Plana. Photocopies, scans, prints, posters, cards, flyers, graphic design and much more. At EbepEx Multiservicios we provide high quality cheap digital printing and photocopying services in Castellón

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Other services

Branding & Design

We define your product, we create the image that is impressive and we make it generate a memory in people's minds.

Web design

We transform your ideas and imaginations into a website that attracts and that facilitates the conversion of visitors into customers and an intuitive and attractive communication and business channel so that it transmits the values of the brand and meets the objectives of promotion and dissemination.

Graphic design

We transform your ideas and brand imaginations into a design that attracts and makes a difference and makes a difference and an intuitive and attractive communication and business channel, transmitting the values of the company.

Communication & Advertising

We position your brand, differentiating it from the competition through the appropriate and most convenient means. At the same time, we make your brand known to the people who will be most interested in your products.

Social networks

We try to make the customer their travel companion, we draw up the strategy by talking to their brandlovers and we create an emotional relationship with them through the most related channels.

Why choose us?

Wide range of services

More than a copy shop, at EBEPEX Multiservicios, you will also find parcel delivery services, package reception, money sending and many more services.

We put ourselves in your shoes

The client comes first, it is something we take very seriously and we work every day to make it that way. We provide services dedicated to the elderly and those who need a little more attention.

Designs that will make you fall in love

We have a team of professionals who take all your ideas and what they have in mind and transform them into realities and earthly wonders that make you fall in love.

High quality services

All our services are services for the full satisfaction of our clients. From parcel delivery services to copying, we offer everything so that you have everything at your disposal at. a single site.

Other services





What services does EBEPEX Multiservice offer?

EBEPEX Multiservices offers a wide range of services sought by our clients: printing, photocopying, stationery, money transfer, parcel delivery, among other things.


Why choose EBEPEX Multiservices?

EBEPEX Multiservicios offers top quality services combined with exceptional customer service at very competitive prices.


What are the opening hours of EBEPEX Multiservicios?

Contrary to other companies that open their doors on a split shift, we are open all day from 08:00 to 20:00.

Contact us

Calle Trinidad 30, Castellón de la Plana, 12002, Cs.

+34 864-882-326

+34 624-609-204

Thank you for contacting us

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